Wednesday, November 3, 2010


First, I have to start by apologizing for now writing in for so long. I got quite busy and didn't have the time to go out and shoot photos for you! But don't worry! I'm back!

Photographing food has always been something interesting to me. I am not into all the fake food to make items look better, I am into real food photography. This may land me at my dinning room table or a restaurant.

Which of the photos below do you do you enjoy the best? How do these photos differ on their portrayal of food? Could I have taken these photos better?

Let me know!
Challah bread toasted with homemade jam with a latte I made myself in an espresso machine!
Eggs benny with freshly made buns (topped with cured salmon) and rosemary hash-browns on the side. A mango raspberry smoothing to accompany.


  1. The light and shadows in that second photo are just beautiful.

  2. I love the second one a lot actually. It was also delicious. ha, I'm a big sucker for a good meal.